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There is no type of renovation that has more complexities per square inch than the bathroom remodel.  Even the smallest bathroom must have 5 water lines, 3 or more drain lines, cabinetry, waterproofing, tile work, glass installation, plumbing fixtures and the list goes on.  In fact, the smaller the bathroom the more important it is to have a professional design and plan your project.  Many older houses do not have the space allocated to the bathrooms that modern homes have and it is an art to squeeze every last usable inch out of the room available to you.  Over the almost two decades that we have been remodeling bathrooms we have become experts in designing the perfect fit for every situation.  Materials play a huge role in bathroom remodels as so much of the vertical area is covered by something other than paint.  This means that it is critical that the choices in color and elements within the space work together well as their is no way to change them later without considerable expense.  Getting it right the first time is what we strive to deliver and we know you will be happy with the result.

Mike Ward in Thousand Oaks, CA on Houzz

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ABC is located in Thousand Oaks California, in the beautiful Conejo Valley. Although most of our work falls between Calabasas and Ventura, we do a lot of projects in the San Fernando Valley, Castaic and Santa Clarita, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. We have done projects as far away as Santa Barbara and Palm Springs depending on the scope of the work.

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