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Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is where we first got started.  American Building Concepts undertook its first major kitchen renovation in 1997, in Westlake Village. Read more

What Project Can I Complete with My Budget?

Remodeling your kitchen is an expensive undertaking and requires a lot of planning and budgeting. Since every project is different it is important to get a good cost analysis of your particular situation early so you don’t spend a lot of time making a plan you can’t complete. Cabinetry costs are generally your single largest expenditure but there are a lot of factors to consider: Here’s how the costs of anaverage kitchen remodel break down:
  • 40%: Cabinets and counters
  • 20%: Labor
  • 20%: Appliances
  • 5%: Windows
  • 5%: Fixtures
  • 10%: Other
Of course, you don’t want to either under build or over build your home so we use the 7% rule as a guide. Your kitchen remodel should cost about 7% of the value of your home. This will ensure that you recoup approximately 90% of your expense when you sell the house without market fluctuation. Call us for a free in home estimate to go over your ideas and see if they will work within your budget.
Mike Ward in Thousand Oaks, CA on Houzz

Service Area

ABC is located in Thousand Oaks California, in the beautiful Conejo Valley. Although most of our work falls between Calabasas and Ventura, we do a lot of projects in the San Fernando Valley, Castaic and Santa Clarita, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. We have done projects as far away as Santa Barbara and Palm Springs depending on the scope of the work.

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